GOP Senator Wants Congress to Vote Itself Out of Office


Honorary Jew Jim DeMint, a Republican senator from South Carolina, has introduced a constitutional amendment that would place term limits on both senators and congressmen: Senators would be allowed to serve a maximum of three six-year terms, and House members would be permitted three two-year terms. The only problem: Senators and congressmen very much enjoy having their jobs, and the ease with which most of them, barring some outrageous fuckup, can be reelected year after year. So the amendment probably won’t garner the necessary two-thirds support in both houses that it requires, which is to say that it definitely will not. But two courageous souls, at least, have signed on as co-sponsors: Senator Tom Coburn, who has already pledged not to seek a third term, and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is expected to resign soon to focus on running for governor.

DeMint tries to ban ‘permanent politicians’ [Washington Times]