Governor Paterson Introduces Himself to New Yorkers


Governor Paterson is serious about running for another term as governor — or, at least, attempting to get his rock-bottom approval ratings up above swine-flu levels before taking the full plunge. It’s a long shot, but hey, it’s either this or roll out the red carpet for Andrew Cuomo, so why not? Accordingly, Paterson has brought on Bill Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, Harold Ickes, and is already beginning to run his first campaign ads. In the first, Paterson, appearing more serious and stately than we’re used to, argues that he’s fought for the people by standing up to state politicians, unions, and corporations. The second ad is a biographical spot about the lessons Paterson has learned throughout his life. It’s an ad that would have aired during his initial run for governor, if there had been one. Now, after over a year and a half in office, Paterson is finally introducing himself to New Yorkers. Is it too late to make a good first impression?

Air Paterson 2010: ‘The People First’ [Daily Politics/NYDN]