Harry Reid’s Health-Care Bill Rings In Under $850 Billion


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s final version of the Senate health-care bill will cost $849 billion over ten years, and will reduce the deficit by $127 billion in that period, and $650 billion in the following decade, congressional analysts announced today. That information will likely help Reid reach the 60 votes he needs to block a filibuster and ensure an actual debate on the Senate floor. It also meets President Obama’s requirement that any plan fall below a $900 billion cost for ten years. This version is expected to include a public option with a state opt-out clause, a mandate requiring individuals to be insured, and it’s reported that it will cover 94 percent of Americans. He hopes his fellow senators will vote to begin debate before they leave for Thanksgiving.

Senate Health Bill Said to Cost $849 Billion Over 10 Years [NYT]