Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Are Totally Going to Get Coffee and Become BFFs


Hillary Clinton was on Meet the Press this morning via satellite from Singapore, where she talked about such important issues as the trial of the 9/11 plotters, our country's relations with China, whatever should we do about Afghanistan, and the challenges of closing Gitmo. But when asked about the part of Sarah Palin's book where Palin says that she and Clinton would disagree about many issues if they ever got coffee, Hillary totally said she would get coffee with her, omg! Reuters reports that Hillary's exact words were:

"I absolutely would look forward to having coffee."

Also, apparently the two have never met? Which seems weird. Anyway, the real point is: why do male world leaders get to have BEER together to resolve their differences, while women are forced to settle for mere coffee? Those two should be getting together over a bunch of Cosmos or whatever women their age think is a cool drink now, not some weak, anxiety-producing latte. Duh.

Hillary is Open to Coffee with Sarah Palin
[Reuters via Washington Post]