Jude Law–Abusing NYU Freshmen Have Not Learned the No. 1 Rule About Celebrities in New York


A bunch of NYU freshmen have lost their heads about their new Washington Square neighbor, Jude Law. The kids, who can see onto Law’s patio, where he frequently relaxes and works out, have been catcalling and generally verbally abusing the actor. In town for Hamlet, Law seems to be experiencing the inner torture he enacts onstage in his home, as well. “There is pretty much chaos on every floor when he comes out,” 18-year-old Priya Vij told the Post. She says people run to her window in Hayden Hall, which has a great view. “People start screaming, ‘Hey, Jude’ — and it’s clear he can hear us.”

Things eventually got a little intense. From the Post:

Oh, poor kids. Jude Law got mad at them for violating his privacy! Eventually these freshmen will learn the real New York ways to appreciate celebrities. As in: taking pictures of them on your phone while pretending to text a friend, faking a picture of a buddy while really taking a picture of the celebrity in the background, carrying on nonsense conversations in order to be able to eavesdrop on a celebrity at the next table, and casually pretending to have forgotten something all of a sudden so you can turn around and follow a celebrity down the street to see where they go. That’s how real New Yorkers treat celebrities. With maturity and grace.

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