Larry King Gets Inappropriate With Carrie Prejean


Carrie Prejean has a new “tell-all” book to promote, and what better place to do so than the friendly confines of the Larry King Live set, right? Except that last night Larry King insisted on asking questions, even some that Prejean didn’t want to answer. To be fair, some of them she probably really couldn’t answer, because, as she repeatedly pointed out, her recent settlement with Miss California USA is confidential. But King’s befuddlement and frustration when Prejean calls him “inappropriate” for asking about her motivation for settling her lawsuit is just classic. “What?” he cries out, incredulously. “I’m askin’ a question.” Soon after, Prejean removes her mike and threatens to leave the set after King plays a question from a (gay) caller. So inappropriate, Larry, so inappropriate. Have you no shame?