Meet Jho Low: NYC Club Scene's "Man of Mystery"


Today the New York Post breathlessly reports on a new player on the Manhattan club scene: Taek Jho Low, aka "Jho Low," who has managed to set the nightlife scene "abuzz" simply by: spending lavishly at clubs with his entourage of 10-12 people, living in the same building as Daniel Craig (the Park Imperial), and having a bunch of Escalades. The Post offers a timeline of Low's recent interactions with the rich and famous, including the time he sent 23 bottles of Cristal to Lindsay Lohan at 10Oak, the time he flew a bunch of Pink Elephant waitresses to Malaysia to party, and the time he ran up a $160k tab at Avenue -- during, of all things, fashion week! Who is this chubby, bespectacled Gatsby among us? People are starting to talk. Why, it just simply isn't done:

"One inside observer said, "Nobody spends their own money like that. It's just weird."

It is just weird! Weird foreshadowing, even: it turns out that Low has a benefactor, Kuwaiti Hamad Alwazzan, who admitted to bankrolling Low's high life, which the Post floats but does not confirm included having Megan Fox "flown in" to party with Low in Las Vegas just this month. Megan Fox! Of course. Why not? This story is ridiculous.

Big-spending Malaysian is the mystery man of the city's club scene [NYP}