Obama to Sit Down With Fox News? Drudge Says Yes, White House Says No


According to a 15-word post on The Drudge Report, Fox News has landed an interview with President Obama just one day after the White House announced the imminent departure of Anita Dunn, its general in the war against the network. The interview is to take place with Major Garrett next week in China. Except that it’s not, says the White House. “We’ve not committed to doing any presidential interviews during the trip to Asia with any outlets at this point,” an official told Politico. If Drudge is to be believed, it would be quite the reversal for the White House, which recently “informed Fox News not to expect to bump knees with the president until 2010.” Of course, if Obama was going to bump knees with anyone at Fox, Garrett would be a good choice. He’s already had swine flu!

W.H. denies Drudge report [Michael Calderone/Politico]