One of Sarah Palin’s Odd Lies Resurfaces on Oprah


Andrew Sullivan has long been tracking what he calls the “Odd Lies of Sarah Palin,” and one such lie in particular has returned to the fore after an unaired portion of her interview with Oprah went online last night. This lie concerns whether Palin actually had her kids take a vote on whether she should accept John McCain’s invitation to be his running mate. Yesterday, Palin told Oprah there was no family vote, but last fall, in an interview with Sean Hannity, Palin said there was a vote, and it was unanimous. In other words, two completely opposite versions of the same story! Sullivan points out that, based on the contemporaneous timeline provided by the McCain campaign, the only logical truth is that there actually was no vote. Some may say, “Who cares, it’s not like she lied about anything important,” but it’s precisely this type of casual, everyday lying that’s so perplexing to Sullivan and many others.