Parents Television Council All Hot and Bothered Over Gossip Girl Threesome


The Parents Television Council has their undies all in a bunch over Gossip Girl again, specifically the show’s upcoming “threesome” story line. President Tim Winter has released an awkwardly earnest statement calling on CW Network affiliates to not air the episode, snippets of which are now all over the Internet. “CW has been defending graphic content on ‘Gossip Girl’ by asserting that they don’t target teenagers,” he said.

Such a claim doesn’t even pass the ‘laugh test’ … Only a teenager would be responsive to a parental ‘forbidden fruit’ marketing ploy like that, and CW knows it.””

Ahem. Anyway, doesn’t the council realize that statements like this just get the show more attention? Last time they protested, the CW turned around and splashed their quotes, Peter Travers –style, across their ads.

That’s an unfortunate side effect,” Winters told Daily Intel. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the CW folks used our statement to get themselves publicity.” But, he added, darkly, “They may think we’re helping them with a short-term ratings spike. But when it comes to losing ad dollars or their broadcasting license … Who gets the last laugh?”

We hope … Blair?

PTC Issues Warning: CW Network Affiliates Should Preempt Threesome [Parents TV]