Producers ‘Surprised’ by Devorah Rose, Tinsley Mortimer Catfight


When we met socialite-or-something Devorah Rose a few weeks back, she slammed real social-circuit queen Tinsley Mortimer — but made little effort to hide that the performance was for the benefit of cameras for Mortimer’s forthcoming reality show, Empire State. We were amused at the spectacle but declined to participate in it — but plucky Devorah (real name: Deborah Denise Trachtenberg) has managed a way to continue the contrived catfight. Today, the Post reports that the two women were sparring at the Guest of a Guest party, conveniently on-camera and with “Page Six” present. Rose, no stranger to low blows, was heard calling Mortimer’s new man, Prince Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn, poor, basically. (He’s a German aristocrat, and we think that’s his real name. It should be noted that she said many of the same things to us when trying to spark the fight the first time.) Rose told guests that Mortimer is subsidizing the prince’s apartment, which Tinsley fiercely denied. Our favorite part of the “Page Six” item, though, came when a CW producer told the tabloid that the fight was “entirely unexpected.” Which is funny, because as we reported, Devorah’s been trying to stage this fight for weeks. How unexpected could it be? “[It’s] in the moment,” the producer continued. “The story lines all arose organically.” Yeah, just like everything between those girls that “arose organically.”

Show Stopper [Page Six/NYP]
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