Reelected, Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Have to Pretend to Not Be Rich Anymore


To be fair to Michael Bloomberg, anyone who just won a major contested election will probably go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. But had, say, Bill Thompson won the mayoral election earlier this month, that dinner probably wouldn't have been in Paris. Hizzoner flew out Thursday evening for a three-day getaway in the city of lights with his girlfriend Diana Taylor, and was spotted at the famous Mon Vieil Ami restaurant on Île St.-Louis.

Reservations are coveted at Mon Vieil Ami. The mayor and his party arrived at 7:30 p.m., and he began his meal with the pumpkin soup with hot oysters ($16.50), accompanied by a white Alsatian wine. His entree was an oven-cooked cocotte of seasonal vegetables and fish ($33), accompanied by the Côtes du Rhône. Finishing off the two-and-a-half-hour meal was rice pudding with caramelized pears ($12). His verdict on dessert? “He said it was the best he’d ever had,” Ms. Grunler said.

Okay, okay, so that doesn't seem so expensive for someone like Bloomberg (who, to be honest, doesn't always do the best job of trying to be an everyman, anyway). We hope the wine was out of this world, though. If the guy is going to end up slaving away in City Hall for twelve years, for the last four the least he can do is eat and drink like the seventeenth-richest man in the world. Which he is.

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