Rich Guys Think The Economy Might Be Getting A Little Better


Three of the world’s most powerful businessmen came together at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council last night to talk about that thing they know best — the economy. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and Ratan Tata, the chairman of India’s largest company, spoke about the state of the economy and its chances of recovery.

Slim said it’s all still in shambles because of job loses and rising food and oil prices. Tata sees problems but said he has “enormous faith” in the U.S. economy. And Murdoch, who took some political digs at President Obama for wasting time on health care, said he sees a “slight revival,” though it’s moving very slowly.

Don’t these men see that they have the power to make the revival more than slight? All they have to do is go to the top of a tall building and make it rain.

UPDATE: WSJ CEO COUNCIL: News Corp CEO Sees Slight Improvement