Sarah Palin’s Angry Fans Revolt at Book Signing


Sarah Palin’s book tour hit Noblesville, Ind, Thursday night, where 1000 fans were told that they would have their books signed, but their adoration quickly turned to hate when Palin’s bus took off early, leaving over 300 former fans chanting “quitter!” and “sign our books!” Palin fandom can withstand anything, it seems, but a personal slight. In other Palin news today, Rudolph Delson is live-blogging his reading of Going Rogue this weekend on The Awl, and in his first post, notices some undeniable similarities between the book’s cover and the ironic cover of Dave Eggers’$2 2000 bestseller A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. You don’t get to be a dust jacket designer at Harper Collins without a wry sense of humor.

[Animal NY]