Sources: Rudy Giuliani to Run for Senate, for Sure


Well, that was quick. Immediately on the heels of a report this morning that Rudy Giuliani was ruling out a run for governor comes news that he’s been telling people he’s definitely going to run for Senate to replace Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Then, according to Elizabeth Benjamin at the Daily News, he plans on turning around and running for president in 2012. That’s basically three consecutive years of running for office, but then again, Barack Obama only had one more year between his election to the Senate and his election to the White House than Giuliani would have in this scenario. Somewhere out there, Mitt Romney is heaving a heavy sigh and saying, “This guy again?”

Rudy Giuliani to run for U.S. Senate; If elected may aim for White House in 2012 [NYDN]
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