Stay Tuned for Ali Wise Goes to the Big House


Being arrested for hacking into socialite voicemails has made Ali Wise more popular than ever. Now, following in the footsteps of Lizzie Grubman, the scandalized socialite is capitalizing on her notoriety with reality TV:* This past Friday night, the Wise-cracker filmed a cameo on Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming CW show, Empire State, and it sounds as though she may become a recurring character! "It's a win-win situation for the CW and Ali," a source tells the Daily News. "Her situation makes for great TV." However:

"What happens with her TV stints after Jan. 14 will get tricky," the source dishes. "Obviously, it depends on what goes on in court."

You could have read this last line and thought Oh, if Ali goes to jail, she's off the show. Or you could read this as we did, and think OMG JAIL SPINOFF SERIES. One Manhattan power publicist, charged with hacking into her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's voice mail, is sentenced to several months in prison, where she meets a gang of scarified jail lesbians who at first intimidate her but ultimately teach her important lessons about life and love? Genius. Move aside, Gossip Girl.

Update: Alas, the dream will have to wait: "Ali has not signed on to participate in this program and had nothing to do with the cameras last week," a publicist for publicist Ali Wise tells us. The Daily News has revised their story.

Ali Wise puts bad habits as publicist to good use on Tinsley Mortimer's new CW show [NYDN]
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