Subway Pervs Were More Pervy in 2009


From 2008 to 2009, complaints of sexual abuse on New York’s subway system went up by four percent, according to NYPD Transit Chief James Hall. And a full 374 of the 587 complaints took place in Manhattan. Most happened during morning and evening rush hours on trains traveling between 14th Street and Grand Central.

This increase has taken place despite a heightened awareness by women who are increasingly snapping cell phone pictures of subway creeps. Councilman Peter Vallone has an idea for those snap shots. “I’d like to see a wall of shame,” Vallone said. “Posting pictures of people convicted … would be a useful deterrent.” Or, if you’re less interested in publicly shaming a groper and more interested in exacting revenge, you could take your cellphone and repeatedly bludgeon him in his pervy head with it. That’s also a deterrent.

Complaints of sexual abuse on subway worst in Manhattan [NYP]