As New York Waits With Bated Breath, Giuliani Takes a Long Weekend


We won’t pretend to know what is going on inside the head of Rudy Giuliani, whether he has already committed to running for Senate or if he’s still mulling it over. His spokeswoman, for the record, says he’s come to no decision about anything. The thing is, it was only a couple of months ago that one of his closest confidants, Tony Carbonetti, was saying this: “[Rudy] has said time and again that the Senate is not a job for him. He is a chief executive, and a damn good one.” So what changed? Maybe Giuliani decided that if he was going to run for office as a stepping stone to the White House, he’d actually like to, you know, win. It’s a pretty shitty plan otherwise. And the polls are not ambiguous. He’s lead Kirsten Gillibrand in every poll except for one now-irrelevant one back in January, including a fourteen-point lead from a Marist poll released yesterday. Meanwhile, he trails Andrew Cuomo by an average of 11 percent, according to (10 percent in yesterday’s poll). For now, we just have to sit tight and continue waiting — Giuliani is headed to Florida for four days, where we expect him to silently stare out into the big blue ocean and think deep thoughts.