Things to Be Thankful For This Year: No Marauding Monkeys


This year, it might be hard to think of things to be thankful for. Many of us are still experiencing the effects of the Deepest Recession Since the Greatest Depression™,. Afghanistan, Iraq, and health care are still quagmirish. But in the words of former bailout chief Neel Kashkari: “As bad as it is today, it could have been so much worse.”

In this spirit, we’ve decided to be thankful for the things that did not happen this year. Here are three of ours:

• The economy did not entirely collapse, the social fabric did not entirely crumble, and we were not forced to storm the Palazzo Chupi and eventually eat Julian Schnabel out of desperation.
• John McCain and Sarah Palin were not elected. (We know that was last year, but it was November, and so it still counts.)
• We don’t live in one of those places where attacks by marauding baboons spontaneously occur.

Put yours in the comments! Then sign off the Internet, and have a happy, long Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll see you Monday.