White House Party Crashers Would Like Cash to Tell Their Story


This weekend, while we were away eating and sleeping and then eating just a little more, the world came to know a couple named Michaele and Tareq Salahi. And now the world regrets it. The Salahis are the fame-seekers who finagled their way into the White House state dinner on Tuesday. As the story goes, the couple was filming a tryout for the upcoming Real Housewives of D.C. They convinced producers they had an invite to the state dinner and then crashed the party, posing for pictures with the president, the vice-president and Rahm Emanuel, among others.

Now the Secret Service has egg on its face, but the people who come out looking the worst are, by far, the Salahis. Naturally, they now want money to talk about it. After scheduling an interview with Larry King, they’ve canceled it so they can sell their story instead. According to the Times:

It makes sense. Asking for money was the next logical step for the Salahis, who the Times says have “left behind a record of lawsuits and unpaid bills.” The sad part is, someone is almost certainly going to give it to them.

White House Intruders Want Money for Tale [NYT]