Williamsburg Drug-Den Bust Turns Up $800,000 and Eighteen Kilos of Cocaine


The cops tore open the heart of a massive hipster cocaine ring in Williamsburg this week, turning up $800,000 and eighteen kilos of cocaine from a building on North Seventh Street between Wythe and Berry Streets. (That’s off the Bedford stop, people.) The group of dealers worked out of an apartment over the former site of Laila Lounge. Three suspects — Ronald Lugo, 44, Christina Ladeveze, 48, and Johanny Olmedo, 51 — have been accused by cops of heading up the drug ring. Being older, they struck their artistic young neighbors as “weird.” Cops eventually raided the place and discovered the incredible stash of drugs (worth an estimated $3 million) and money hidden under the seat of a portable sauna in the apartment. The ring, cops say, extended to all boroughs of New York City.

Here’s our takeaway: There’s such a thing as a portable sauna??? That is the greatest thing we’ve ever heard. If only we could afford something like that! We’re clearly in the wrong business.

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