Amanda Knox ‘Still Has Faith in the Italian Legal System’


Even while much of America is up in arms over her murder conviction, Amanda Knox “still has faith in the Italian legal system.” That’s what she told an Italian Parliamentarian this week when she spoke to him from inside of her jail cell. Walter Verini, who represents the region of Umbria where Knox is jailed, told ABC News that she seemed “calm” and that she believes her trial was “correct.”

There’s no way to know if Knox really believes that or if it’s what she’s saying while she still has a chance of getting out. Her lawyers will begin to appeal her guilty verdict this summer with the possibility of hearings beginning in September. At this point the only thing that’s going to set Knox free is an appeal, or, potentially, the divine intervention of a certain Secretary of State.

Amanda Knox Says Her Murder Trial Was ‘Correct’ [ABC News]