Bankers Now Taking Jobs Away From Old People, High-School Students


First they blew up the economy with their financial products. Now bankers are keeping themselves in lucre by bogarting the few jobs we have left. As we saw last month, these creatures often bulldoze into whatever field they choose, be it in the Mister Softee truck classroom, driving away the competition with the ruthless energy honed on the trading floor. And now they've set their sights on the only jobs available to the people at the lowest end of the employment scale: senior citizens, stay-at-home moms, and high-school students. "The pay is low, the jobs temporary. And the work is hardly equal to their experience or expertise," the AP tells us today. And yet:

"You'll find Wall Street stock brokers and small business owners trying to find temporary retail jobs during the holidays," said Ellen Davis, vice president of the National Retail Federation.

Chilling. And we might add that parents will want to look carefully at the Santa at Macy's this year. You wouldn't want your child sitting in the lap of a Mark Madoff or a Joe Cassano.

Jobless professionals vie for holiday sales work [AP via Google]