Barack Obama Has a Fierce New Enemy: Angelina Jolie


John Mayer hit on Kim Kardashian to no avail. Mischa Barton is back on the bottle. (And when, exactly, was she sober?) In a song titled “Cowboy Casanova,” Carrie Underwood might be calling her ex, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, a “candy-coated misery / a devil in disguise.” Ricky Gervais is “not proud of being rich.” Leonardo DiCaprio is interested in buying a Robert Williams cartoon from the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in Chelsea. Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber, and Karl Lagerfeld are shooting Crystal Renn and other plus-size models for the January issue of V magazine. Penélope Cruz is expected at tonight’s Werner Herzog premiere. In a Newsweek op-ed, Angelina Jolie cautiously questions the Obama administration’s stance on Darfur. Naturally, Us claims the claws are out in the ongoing Obama-Jolie feud, and Aniston is Team President.

Atlanta Housewives NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are demanding higher salaries for their show’s third season, so Bravo execs might just replace them. A Maryland judge is demanding that Jon Gosselin stop making media appearances and being an all-around self-promoting famehound, since it’s in conflict with his TLC contract. A separate judge ordered Nas to pay his ex-wife Kelis and their infant son $51,000 a month in spousal and child support. Finance guys at the AOL party inside the NYSE sought Diddy’s fashion advice. In case you couldn’t tell, Wendy Williams has fake breasts. And $38 million later, Paul McCartney admits his marriage to Heather Mills was a mistake.

Courtenay Semel claims Tila Tequila’s sudden relationship with Casey Johnson is a sham. “They don’t even speak.” And here we thought these two would make it! Lindsay Lohan’s topless Muse spread now has an equally topless video counterpart. Kourtney Kardashian plans to breast feed for five years. Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to a baby boy. Donald Trump says Tiger Woods is a “wonderful guy” and he’ll be “hotter than ever” soon. Wyclef Jean says Woods is “a human being, and he has a family.”