Barclays Executive Attacks Hateful Feminist Teacher for Making His Practically Adult Son Cry


Yesterday, a letter written by Hugh "Skip" McGee, the head of Barclays investment-banking division (and formerly the Lehman Brothers i-banking head) to the headmaster at his son's school, the Kinkaid School in Houston, was leaked to Dealbreaker. The missive, which McGee claimed to have written on behalf of the “silent majority” of parents, described two incidents that apparently devastated his son, John Edward, a senior at the school.

The first and most recent was at the annual pep rally. According to Skip, John and his friends on the football team had intended to dress in drag and perform a cheer. The routine, Skip said, was "classic." The boys were all prepared: They had wigs. They had lipstick. "Teams of moms" had spent weeks sewing their skirts. And then at the last minute the school shut the whole thing down, saying the routine was illustrative of "negative gender stereotyping." This, Skip thought, was bullshit. LIBERAL bullshit.

And he knew just who was behind it: American Studies teacher Leslie Lovett. A teacher, he said, who was already notorious at the school for her "leftist invective." For instance!

Last year, Ms. Lovett suggested that Homecoming should be at a girls’ field hockey game rather than at a football game. She also complained that there were no women on the football team and poked her nose into the yearbook with nonsense issues that she has no business raising. So it should be no surprise that Ms. Lovett (Head of our Diversity Committee) is the aggrieved party who complained about the issue of “negative gender stereotyping.”

And it wasn't the first time Lovett had upset his John Edward, Skip said.

Last year, she commented to an 11th grade history class including my son that somehow both Lehman and Barclays made a bunch of money on the Lehman bankruptcy, and that all investment bankers were “sleazeballs” and dishonest. With tears in his eyes, John Ed called her out in front of the class and said his dad worked for Lehman Brothers and had been working around the clock trying to save 11,000 jobs and that she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

He ended the letter by demanding Lovett be fired. Clearly, allowing this ignorant, feminist harpie to stay would be tantamount to flushing the value system of the entire school down the toilet. After all, he warned, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch.

When a small group can force their agenda on the whole school, we have lost control of our school. In our rush to be “politically correct,” we have become obsessed about pacifying even the most extreme of views—even if they are far from representative of the core values and character of Kinkaid families and alumni. By standing for everything, we actually stand for nothing. What happened to our ability to laugh at ourselves and have fun? What happened to common sense and good judgment? Why is a married, heterosexual coach considered an oddity at Kinkaid? Why is a gay female coach telling high school girls on her team that she was disappointed in them for belonging to the spirit club (SOK) and that by doing so they are just pandering to the football team?

Speechless? Kinkaid is, too, or at least, they've yet to formulate a response. A somewhat befuddled-sounding spokesperson for the school told Daily Intel that that they don't know how the letter got out, that the teachers at the Kinkaid school are "of the highest caliber," and that "sometimes, parents get upset about things, and we try to work it out." Developing.

Barclays Global Head of Investment Banking Writes Tear-Stained Letter To Son’s School, Demands Teacher’s Firing For Trash Talking Barclays, Making Son Cry [Dealbreaker]