Behind Our Miracle on the Hudson Photo Shoot


If you’ve read this year’s iteration of our annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue, you’ll be familiar with the story of Ben Bostic and Laura Zych, the passengers on US Airways Flight 1549, which landed in the Hudson this January. Not only were the pair miraculously saved that day by Captain Chesley Sullenberger, but they were set on a course that would eventually lead them to fall in love. New York photography director Jody Quon brought them back to the city (for Bostic’s second time ever) to take a much more enjoyable voyage down the Hudson for a photo shoot by Vincent Laforet. The pair said later that they had a blast during the romantic shoot, but it did bring back some memories. “We’re up there in the freezing cold, with the wind, and the [photographer’s] helicopter was actually below us! Actually we thought it was colder doing that part of the shoot than it was in January,” Zych told New York (yes, there was a helicopter involved). “We wish we’d had the adrenaline we had the first time.”