Bernie Kerik’s Bangin’ New Bod


According to a set of photos he posted on Facebook, former police commissioner Bernie Kerik has spent much of the time he's been on house arrest getting in shape. We can't see all of the pictures (Bernie, oddly, has "too many friends"), but the Post describes his new bod thusly:

Gone is his law-enforcement mustache and his doughnut-fed belly. It's been replaced by a bulky chest and a tight waist. He even makes sure to pose before a sword, presumably for effect.

The paper assumes Bernie is beefing up in preparation for the three-year prison sentence he's expected to be awarded in February, and put up the photos in order to "send a message" to cellmates to let them know he is not the sort to bend over and be their prison girlfriend. But we're not so sure. First of all: He posed with a sword? And even look at this shot, above: There's bottles of rosé in the background. For the love of Adam Lambert, these are the gayest pictures ever.

Feel the 'Bern' [NYP]