Bloomberg Rewards Campaign Staffers With Huge Bonuses


A few weeks back the Times reported that members of Mayor Bloomberg’s election staff were worried that a smaller-than-expected margin of victory over Bill Thompson would result in bonuses that didn’t match the largesse of previous years. Worry not campaign staffers, today the Times reports that you will get paid. And paid generously.

Checks between $5,000 and $25,000 began landing in the staffers’ accounts last week with more to come. Among the highest paid are field director Maura Keaney, who is expected to receive a bonus of $31,345 dollars, and the amazingly-named Basil Smikle, who will get a check for $23,368. Just another reminder that if you ever want to work in politics, make sure your boss in a billionaire.

The Margin Was Small, but the Bonuses Are Not [City Room/NYT]