‘By Sleeping With a Married Man, You’re Only Helping Him Stay Married’


The more we hear from Ashley Dupré, the former prostitute who brought down Governor Eliot Spitzer, the more we realize that she is the lone voice of reason in this whole Tiger Woods infidelity scandal. (Why is she involved in the first place? Who cares! Not us.) Last night she appeared on Andy Cohen’s Bravo show, Watch What Happens Live, and chatted about what she thinks of the ladies. First, she says, Elin Nordegrin, Woods’s wife, should try to ignore all the noise about these women and not try to reach out to them. “I feel that right now she needs to focus on herself, and they need to work on their marriage and they need to go to therapy,” she said. “They have a lot of work to do.” She also says, regarding the reports of money transfers to Nordegrin in order to get her to stay, that from her experience in these situations, “probably 95 percent” of what the media reports from so-called “friends” is not true. As for advice to the women, like Rachel Uchitel (who is getting a bruising from the parents of her late fiancé who died on 9/11), who may have had hopes for a future with Woods, she delivers a pearl of hooker wisdom: “By sleeping with a married man, you’re only helping him stay married.” Think about that, people. Think long and hard. At least long and hard enough to forget that we devoted an entire post to what a twentysomething former prostitute thinks about a professional athlete she doesn’t know and the affairs he may or may not be having.

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