Cat Toilet Training: The Rewards and Risks


Today in The Wall Street Journal: How to toilet train your cat! Anne Marie Chaker takes us through the common methods (which include special toilet-top devices) and even assesses the risks. It seems that if you try to potty train your cat and fail, it might never use a litter box again. The article is a classic example of the impossibility of writing about cats without sounding at least a little pathetic:

"I have spent hours in the bathroom, just me and my cat."

And then there's the sad tale of a lady whose cat-toilet-training misadventure even affected her dating life (of course it did):

"About a year ago, she began efforts to toilet-train him using a plastic mixing bowl filled with litter inserted into her toilet — but the mess Ninja made became a turnoff to guests who came over.

"The guy I was dating at the time stopped using the bathroom at my house," she recalls. It also required her to remember to clear the toilet before visitors came or they might have to deal with some unpleasantness if they needed to use the bathroom. "I felt bad inflicting that on my guests," she says. She and Ninja finally gave up after six months, and he seamlessly went back to a litter box."

It's actually a pretty fascinating article, even if you don't have any opinion about cats.

What's New Pussycat? Using the Toilet. [WSJ]