Chipotle Owner Pays Extra for the Guacamole of West Village Real Estate


Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steven Ells made his fortune in other lucky parts of the country before finally slowly introducing his Mexican-burrito chain to New York. But he’s taking on personal real estate at the heart of the city, in Manhattan’s West Village, in a veritable full-court press. Curbed discovered that Ells has purchased, in the last two years:

92 Jane Street: A 5,000-square-foot landmark with a minimalist interior that set him back $13.4 million.
The penthouse at 40 Fifth Avenue: This four-bedroom, four-bathroom palace with a killer view, which he purchased from Village Voice founding publisher Ed Fancher, only cost him $11 million.
Full-Floor Loft, 147 Waverly Place: People would kill to own a loft at the charming intersection of Waverly and Gay Streets, but after his other purchases, the $5.65 million Ells spent on this particular three-bedroom palace probably seemed like a bargain.

That’s over $30 million on real estate in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the city. So next time you’re slumped over at your desk, moaning and nearly felled by the barbacoa burrito you had for lunch, remember: It wasn’t all for nothing.

Chipotle Founder Assembles a Burrito of Real Estate in West Village [Curbed]