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Chuck Schumer ends his phone calls when he damn well pleases, and not a moment before.

early and awkward

Chuck Schumer Said a Not-Nice Thing About a Flight Attendant

Chuck Schumer's first mistake last Sunday: Thinking that, because he is Chuck Schumer and he's working on important things, the rules governing cell-phone use on a plane prior to liftoff didn't apply to him.

Chuck Schumer's second mistake last Sunday: Muttering to Kirsten Gillibrand that a flight attendant who forced him to cut his call short was a "bitch."

Chuck Schumer's third, and fatal, mistake last Sunday: Sitting within earshot of a House Republican aide, who snitched to Politico.

A Schumer spokesman at least came clean, saying, "The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn't have made, and he regrets it." The National Republican Senatorial Committee, trying a little too hard, is calling this an "air rage incident." And Gillibrand's office claims Schumer was "polite" to the flight attendant, which could technically be true only because he called her a bitch behind her back.

Shenanigans: Schumer Has a Flight to Forget [Click/Politico]

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