Edmund Andrews, Author of Book on Personal Fiscal Woes, Takes Times Buyout


Lists are being compiled all over the place on who has accepted the Times’s latest buyout bid. Executive Editor Bill Keller needs to eliminate 100 positions, and the deadline to accept the buyout (which was offered to everyone) was today. Keith Kelly doesn’t think he’ll get near that number, but a few prominent names have already surfaced. (Last week the estimated number was closer to 50). The Business Insider has a list of business reporters, including vet Geraldine Fabrikant, while Politico has some of the D.C. takers. We don’t know why, but we’re most struck by the poignancy of this report, which has Edmund Andrews also taking the escape package. Andrews wrote the book Busted about his personal financial woes since the housing crash, and subsequently received flak for not disclosing that his wife had filed for bankruptcy twice before the financial meltdown. We’re not sure what it means when someone who made his name on his own fiscal woes thinks it’s a better idea to take a pay package and jump ship from a steady job than it is to stay at the Times, but we’re sure it will come to us.

New York Times DC Reporters Edmund Andrews And Stephen Labaton Also Taking Buyouts [Clusterstock]