Eliot Spitzer Considering Comeback! Still!


A little over three months ago, the Post reported that Eliot Spitzer was mulling a return to politics by running for state comptroller, a position currently held by not very popular Democrat Tom DiNapoli. Now that we’re a little closer to decision time, the Post brings word that Spitzer is … mulling a run for comptroller! But whereas last time Spitzer was merely “weighing” the possibility, he is now “strongly considering” it, so perhaps we’ve made some progress.

A poll in September showed that most New Yorkers, if not completely fond of Spitzer, were at least keeping an open mind about voting for him. Today, Governor Paterson seemed to go one step further, telling radio host John Gambling that “the type of way that former Governor Spitzer managed would be most useful these days in the finance area.” And that’s really the gist behind the whole concept of Spitzer’s potential candidacy, isn’t it? New York is so messed up right now that his sex scandal just doesn’t seem as important anymore. Honestly, so long as you do something to fix the state’s finances, go ahead and have sex with some hookers if you want.

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