Fewer People Were Murdered in New York This Year Than Any Year on Record


Fewer people were murdered in the city this year than any year since 1962, the first time the statistic was recorded, reports the Times. The numbers have been roughly declining since a record high of 2,245 in 1990. So far this year, there have only been 461. It's great news, and the NYPD deserves kudos for it, but only in New York could this lede from a newspaper story seem remarkably good:

There were days upon days in New York City when not a single person was murdered in 2009. Two such stretches, in February and March, lasted nearly a week each.

Did you hear that? Some days in New York this year, nobody got killed at all. Greatest city in the world, people ...

New York on Track for Fewest Murders on Record [NYT]