Four Dead in UWS Killings


In a truly awful story, three family members were killed and another wounded on the Upper West Side yesterday when 44-year-old Hector Quinones entered their apartment wearing gloves and wielding a .380-caliber Hi-Point semiautomatic pistol. He killed Carlos Rodriguez Sr., his son Carlos Jr., and father-in-law Fernando Gonzales, who was 87 years old. When Carlos Sr.’s wife, Giselle, and daughter, Leyanis, returned home, they encountered an armed Quinones and engaged in struggle. He shot the mother, but the bullet only grazed her head and she was able to escape. The daughter escaped when, after fighting, Quinones became tangled in his pants, which fell off. The pair managed to summon police, but not before Quinones fell to his death from a fire escape while trying to flee. The Times has all the upsetting details.

Four Men Dead in West Side Shootings [NYT]