Harlem Youths Develop Product That Freshens Breath While You Hallucinate


Once again, we find ourselves impressed by the creativity of the city's drug dealers. From today's crime log:

"Five drug dealers peddling mint leaves soaked in PCP were busted in Harlem last night after a yearlong investigation, police sources said.

Okay, so yes they got busted, and yes, two of the kids who were arrested were 16, which is awful. But let's look at the bright side here, which is that clearly, they are geniuses. Why take your drugs on sodden tasteless paper when you can eat a delicious, refreshing, low-calorie sprig of mint? Who doesn't want fresh breath when they are tweaking out about the patterns on the living-room wall? How did no one think of this sooner? We sincerely hope that in juvie they learn to redirect their intelligence toward something more constructive, like developing a better pizza in a cup or figuring out a way for the media to make money.

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