Jamie Jungers on Today Show: I Loved Tiger Woods


Jamie Jungers went on the Today show “to clear the air and put all these false rumors in the past.” She talked about how she met Tiger at a charity bash, and realized he was interested. “The more we drank, the more I guess flirtatious we got,” she told Meredith Vieira, who did an admirable job of not gagging once. “It went from friendly conversation in the nightclub back to his room at the hotel.” Jungers admitted that she knew he was married, but had “had a crush on Tiger Woods for years,” and eventually they had something like “a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.”

Later, Kathie Lee Gifford would not be as kind as Meredith. “It took three people downstairs to get Jamie dressed, and she ended up doing her own makeup,” Gifford said. “This woman needs to learn some manners.” Kathie! Be nice to the poor girl. She’s heartbroken.