Jennifer 8. Lee Took the Times Buyout


Times City Room blogger and longtime prolific “Metro” writer Jenny 8. Lee accepted the paper’s buyout offer, according to the Observer’s John Koblin. She’s been at the paper for nine years, has a book-writing career on the side, and the offer has been generally described as “generous.” But Jenny has been a stalwart of the “Metro” bureau through its recent changes, and it’s hard to imagine the City Room blog without her chipper, rapid-fire prose. Right now she and the other departing “Metro” staffers, Ralph Blumenthal, Nicole Collins, Paul Nielsen, and Tina Kelley, are getting toasted in the newsroom. AG Sulzberger, you’re going to have to pick up the slack on all the crazy animal stories Jenny is no longer going to be around to write. You have very big shoes to fill.

Jennifer 8. Lee Taking Times Buyout [NYO]