Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper, and Lance Bass to Host CNN’s New Year’s Broadcast


Showing that (thank God) they haven’t learned anything since last year, CNN has decided to bring back Kathy Griffin to co-host their New Year’s Eve broadcast from Times Square with Anderson Cooper. How well we remember the last few moments of 2008, during which we heard Griffin scream, on live television, to a heckler: “You know what? I don’t go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth!” Anderson, of course, mostly just giggled helplessly next to her for the evening, which we also love. But this year, CNN has also decided to bring on Lance Bass to anchor the telecast from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. That’s right: Lance Bass, Anderson Cooper, and Kathy Griffin, all together in one big happy New Year’s extravaganza. It’s almost … well … really? … it’s just … there’s too … sigh.