Lady Gaga Meets Queen Elizabeth


Lady Gaga donned floor-length scarlet-colored pleather to entertain the Queen of England at her Majesty’s Royal Variety Show in Blackpool, along with Bette Midler, who quipped, “I have been singing for queens my entire life. At last I’m singing in front of a real one.” And just as cameras were about to catch Eliot Spitzer chatting with Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez at Herb Nass’s book party, Silda swooped in and started gushing about her charity work. Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Jason Segel’s house early one morning with his Forgetting Sarah Marshall Dracula puppet under her arm, but when asked if there was anything going on between them, Segel said, “Oh, man, no … 

Now Lilo’s headed to India to film a BBC documentary about impoverished children and is “excited about escaping the drama of L.A. and doing something real.” Mickey Rourke proposed to his 24-year-old Russian-model girlfriend, and they’re planning an April wedding in Moscow. Former Miss California Carrie Prejean refused to make an appearance at the Foxwoods club Moodswing360 because the midnight time slot was “in direct conflict with her reputation as a Christian.” Russell Brand wants to have Katy Perry’s babies. A crazed Tudor City restaurant hostess got fired when she tried to personally deliver Derek Jeter’s takeout order. And Paris Hilton is promoting her new perfume by dressing up as a slutty Santa at Macy’s.

After criticizing Madonna’s music, Courtney Love avoided talking to her at the Monkey Bar after-party for Tom Ford’s A Single Man. Mayor Bloomberg is hosting a holiday event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage today, where his rival, D.A. Robert Morgenthau, is board chairman. Kanye, Sean Combs, A-Rod, Kate Hudson, and Alicia Keys joined Beyoncé in the Dominican Republic to celebrate Jay-Z’s 40th with fireworks, synchronized swimmers, and an impromptu “Empire State of Mind” performance. After her Saturday Night Live appearance, Rihanna partied with Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, and Chace Crawford at SL. Audrina Partridge has agreed to another season of The Hills. That’s a relief. Jamie Grubbs seems to be enjoying her newfound fame. She partied next to Lauren Conrad and Leighton Meester at L.A.’s Playhouse over the weekend. And some guy in Texas was arrested for possessing ecstasy pills in the shape of Obama’s head.