Let’s Talk About the Terrorist Underpants, Shall We?


Christal: Can we talk about the terrorist undies for a minute?

Lindsanity: Seriously, it looks like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab didn't heed his Mom's advice to always wear nice underwear in case you get hit by a bus.

Lindsanity: Or try to blow up a plane full of women and children.

Christal: Haha, indeed.

Lindsanity: It's totally not his A-underwear

Lindsanity: It's laundry-day panties.

Christal: What I was wondering was, why would you wear a cheap pair of tightie-whities (well, yellowies) when you needed to stuff an entire plane-exploding device in them?

Christal: If there was ever a day for boxers ...

Christal: Or at least boxer briefs.

Lindsanity: Boxer briefs!

Christal: But this. I don't even have that kind of elastic waist on my gym shorts.

Christal: That I used to wear in the fifth grade.

Christal: I don't even know where you'd get that kind of underwear.

Lindsanity: They look like they've already been in a museum for 200 years.

Christal: They DO. They're like mummy undies.

Lindsanity: Do we know the brand?

Christal: I mean, it's gotta be sub-Jockey. Let me check the Post, I bet they have it.

Lindsanity: Because I'd like to see Fruit of the Loom or Hanes put out a defensive press release.

Lindsanity: "Our underwear is not intended to contain explosive material."

Christal: (The Post calls them "frighty whities," but they don't have the label.)

Lindsanity: My headline would have been "Skidmarks of Doom."

Christal: I think there was a kid in my tent at summer camp with that nickname.

Christal: To me, what I first thought of when I saw the pic on the cover of the Daily News ...

Christal: was that it looked like a white (well, yellow) dove of peace.

Christal: I mean, stick that in the window of the seventies-era church I grew up going to, and it could be the frickin' Holy Spirit.

Christal: A rumpled, explosive-strewn, charred-testicle-smelling dove.

Christal: Of peace.

Christal: That's got to mean something.

Lindsanity: Let's just be glad this didn't happen the week before Halloween.

Christal: Oh God, yeah. Gross. The gays would have a field day with this costume.