Lou Dobbs Loses Support of Anti-Immigration Group


The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC announced today that it would drop its support for Lou Dobbs, who seems determined to start a political career in 2012 even if it's as Bergen County dog catcher. ALIPAC's problem: Dobbs doesn't hate illegal immigration anymore. The main bone of contention seems to be an interview Dobbs recently gave to Telemundo in which he mentioned (twice!) the need for a path to citizenship for the 12 million illegal-immigrants now living in the U.S. ALIPAC president William Gheen, whose group raised $660,000 to try to get Dobbs to run for president in 2008, did not like this:

"It's been so bizarre," said Gheen. "A lot of our supporters are asking, 'Where's the part in the movie when we find out that someone is holding someone hostage over him?'"

We're pretty sure it comes right after the Chuck Norris-led training montage.

Anti-immigrant group Legal Immigration PAC says adios to ex-CNN anchor Lou Dobbs