Excuse Me, Is This Your Suitcase Full of Rare, Dead Fish?


Yesterday, a special agent showed up on the doorstep of 47-year-old Queens resident Chee Thye Chaw carrying a suitcase Chaw had lost at the airport. The suitcase, the agent explained once Chaw identified it as his, had been opened by a customs official and inside they’d found sixteen rare Bony-tongue fish — a kind of fat goldfish that are considered lucky in parts of Asia — that Chaw had been carrying back from Malaysia. The fish were endangered, the official told Chaw, and he should expect to face charges under the Endangered Species Act. The twist? At this point, the fish in the suitcase were mostly dead, because they were discovered back in April and somehow everyone was sitting on their thumbs between then and yesterday. “This is bullshit,” Chaw said, and rightly so. [NYP ]