Man Sues City Over Near-Deadly Central Park Tree Branch


Claiming that a rotten tree branch that broke off and landed on him in Central Park was visibly rotted and should have been trimmed, Sasha Blair-Goldensohn has sued the city and Central Park Conservancy. Over the summer, Google engineer Blair-Goldensohn was walking through the park in the morning when the heavy limb landed on his head, cutting it open and causing brain and spinal damage, as well as a partially collapsed lung. He remains hospitalized and has had to undergo multiple surgeries. According to the suit, the tree fell from over 30 feet in the air. Blair-Goldensohn has sued for unspecified damages in the State Supreme Court that would be at least “an amount in excess of the jurisdictional limits of all lower courts in which this action could otherwise have been sought.” Lawyers for the city are reviewing the documents and call it a “tragic case.”

Man Hurt by Falling Tree Limb in Central Park Files Suit [NYT]