Mark Madoff Is Having a Tough Time Finding Work


A vast number of unemployed Americans are having trouble finding work, especially those in the diminished financial sector. Shockingly, the job search is doubly hard if it happens that your father was recently jailed for running the world's largest Ponzi scheme, and you worked at his firm for all of your adult life without noticing that all of the math was done on cocktail napkins and hardly anyone ever made any trades. The Journal tells us about the hardship faced by Mark Madoff:

Mark Madoff, who worked at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC for more than 20 years, climbing up the ladder to director of proprietary trading, recently met with at least two Wall Street contacts to get their opinions on whether he could find another job in finance, people familiar with the discussions say. He talked about working on a trading desk or in trading technology, asking one person to keep him in mind if he hears of any openings..."He's untouchable in any firm that deals with the public," says someone who talked to Mr. Madoff.

Even in nonpublic jobs, most financial firms like to hire people who have not yet been accused of fraud. Maybe Mark should try seasonal employment? No one would recognize him in an elf costume.

Not Exactly a Résumé Highlight: Madoff Work [WSJ]