Michaele Salahi’s First ‘Two Minutes of Fame’


Luxury network Plum TV just unearthed some footage from a polo event in Aspen last year, in which White House State Dinner crasher Michaele Salahi had an impromptu audition to be a Plum host. (Coincidentally, before she was on The Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly Killoren Bensimon had a turn as a host for the network.) According to the Aspen Times, the Salahis’ Land Rover polo team participated in the charity event, but never paid the nearly $20,000 entrance fees. Plum will air the raw footage of both of the Salahis on Saturday during the premiere of their new show, Top of the Mountain — but for now you can watch Michaele’s audition tape, and catch the very first gleams of fame lust in her eyes.