‘New York Is Not Ready for the iPhone’ [Updated]


AT&T customer-service representatives are telling callers that the Apple iPhone is not being sold online in New York City, and that this is a purposeful strategy to deal with coverage overload. According to the blog Consumerist (and we’ve double checked a bunch of city zip codes), you can no longer find an iPhone to buy through the AT&T website within city limits. Last night, a sales rep told a caller that “the phone is not offered” to city residents anymore because “New York is not ready for the iPhone.” There aren’t enough towers, according to the rep, to handle the phone here. Consumerist asked AT&T corporate about the policy, and the only response they got was: “We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels.” We’d urge you all not to panic, but those of you with iPhones already are probably pleased with this development — it likely means there will be less burden on the network, and your phone is suddenly exclusive again! And to those of you who don’t yet have iPhones, well, now you have an excuse. Update: Reuters reports that you are once again able to order the phones online in New York.

AT&T Customer Service: “New York City Is Not Ready For The iPhone” [Consumerist]
Update: AllThingsD reports that other customer service reps are telling callers that the phone isn’t being sold online in the city because of “fraud.”