New York to Become a Giant Swimming Pool by 2100


Most of us won't be around in 2100. Or maybe we all will. No one really knows. But whoever is around in 2100 will be super wet if the authors of a new study on rising sea levels are correct. According to Science Daily:

Results show that even for a relatively low greenhouse gas emissions scenario with just 2 degrees Celsius warming over the 21st century, sea level is likely to rise by more than one meter. Their highest scenario, with over 4 degrees Celsius warming over the 21st century, would lead to over 1.4 meters of sea level rise by 2100. When the full set of emissions scenarios and estimated uncertainties are considered, waters may rise by anything between 75 centimetres and 1.9 metres by the year 2100...

Of course, by 2100 all humans will be living on the moon eating MoonPies and wearing moon shoes, so none of this really matters.

Sea Level Could Rise from 0.75 to 1.9 Meters This Century
[Science Daily via ANIMAL]