Party Crashers Will Invoke Fifth Amendment


The House Homeland Security Committee will vote tomorrow on whether Tareq and Michaele Salahi should be subpoenaed to testify on how they crashed President Obama's first state dinner. But even if it decides to subpoena we may not actually hear what the Salahis have to say. According to a statement, the couple is prepared to plead the Fifth. In identical declarations each Salahi said:

"I am aware of statements made by certain members on the Committee on Homeland Security in which premature conclusions concerning my criminal liability have been made. ... The current circumstances warrant invocation of my Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination."

Why they would plead the Fifth when they claim to have done nothing wrong is a bit of a mystery. But maybe they figured this was the best way to get people to write blog posts about them.

Attorney: Salahis prepared to invoke Fifth Amendment [CNN]